Boarding and Day Care

In the boarding and day care section of our animal hospital, we give the best care for your pet while they’re not with you at home. Being part of a larger medical facility, we have the benefit of having veterinarians and technicians on staff every day of the week. This can be especially important if your pet is older or requires special care. Experienced technicians can take care of any medications and treatments your dog needs. You can also rest easier knowing that should any medical issues arise, there are vets available at a moment’s notice to take care of things. While your pet is staying with us, we can also conveniently take care of any shots or examinations you would like to schedule.

Your dog will be staying in spacious runs and will go for walks outside in a safe and fully enclosed area. A typical day for a dog staying with us will start with breakfast, followed by a morning walk. After the kennel is cleaned up, the staff spends time with your dogs and they are taken out again for their midday walk. We are constantly keeping an eye on everyone throughout the day, cleaning up any messes made and playing with the dogs whenever we get a chance. At the end of the day, the dogs are fed dinner and taken for another walk before the animal hospital closes. We then come back after hours to take the dogs out for their last walk of the night. To spoil your pet even more, there are additional boarding and day care options you may choose from.

Our goal is to make all of your pets as happy as possible and give them a great vacation while they’re staying with us at Strawberry Hill. We look forward to meeting new dogs staying with us and welcoming back returning canine friends!