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Who Uses The Dog Wash?

Is this self-service right for you

The Dirty Dog

If your pet has been having some fun in the mud, come here to clean him up! A lot of our customers come straight from the park or beach, so they can bring home a happy and clean dog.

The Stinky Dog

If you have a stinky dog, come choose from the different types of shampoos we have to get him smelling like peaches… or apricots… or baby powder… or tangerines… or coconuts... the list goes on. Check out our shampoo menu for a full list. If there’s been a run in with the neighborhood skunk, we can also make up a special skunk shampoo.

The Itchy Dog

If your pet is itchy, help give him some relief with a bath. You can bring in your prescription shampoo if your dog has a medical skin conditions that need caring for, or if your dog is just a little itchy from seasonal allergies or dry skin, we have different types of shampoos that will condition and soothe the skin.

The Hairy Dog

If your dog is a shedder, come give him a bath and loosen up some of that hair. A good brushing, washing and blow dry will do wonders of getting all of that extra hair out of your pet’s coat instead of letting it shed in the house.

The Groomed Dog

If you have a pampered pooch, keep up with his coat in between his regular grooming appointments by giving him a bath and a good brushing. We have conditioners, detanglers and plenty of brushes to help you work out knots and prevent matting.

Call us at (203) 846-8655 with questions, or stop by today!

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